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About Us

We Are Not Only a Digital Marketing Agency, Along With Digital Marketing We Inspire and Witness Miracles. 30 percent of our revenue will always be donated to charity, let's save lives people!

Our Story & Work

We are a group of young and talented individuals that understand what digital marketing is and how it works. We launched our digital marketing agency in the year 2022 in the UK, we don’t have a physical office, we work remotely and have a global team.

Our aim is to provide digital marketing services remotely for our clients. We have international clients and understand multiple languages.  Our expertise is to grow businesses in the digital world, especially Muslim  and Persian owned businesses.

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Quality Skills

We have given these score based on the sills of our team, look at our own website and judge the scores. For any reason you think it is not a fair score, get in touch with us we would love to hear kind feedback.

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Marketing 0
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Our Team Of Experts

The treasure is in ruins, we are a team of hustlers that made it from a third world country.


Wasi Osmani

Social Media Manager

Talented individual with great skill sets in social media and a great friend


Monib Rahman


Ex Mercy Corps


Mujib Nuristani

SEO Consultant

Ex BBC Media Action, Ex British Council


Abdul Hadi

Account Manager

Ex - Fakurma UK, Ex Just Wish, Ex Roots of peace.


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