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Top 3 Best Muslim Business directory websites in the year 2022

top 3 Muslim business directory websites in the year 2022

Top 3 Best Muslim Business directory websites in the year 2022

In the year 2022, the best Muslim business directory will be a resource for finding Muslim-owned businesses around the world. This directory will provide users with access to businesses that are committed to providing quality products and services, while also adhering to Islamic values and principles.

The directory will also be a valuable tool for promoting Muslim-owned businesses and supporting the growth of the global Muslim economy. In addition to showcasing businesses, the directory will also feature articles, interviews, and other content that highlights the successes of Muslim entrepreneurs and business owners.

In this blog, we will introduce you to 3 best Muslim business directory websites in the year 2022

1. Muslim Business Directory

Muslim Business directory, was founded in May 2022 in the UK by a talented Afghan Entrepreneur Mujib Nuristani. He is a serial entrepreneur currently living in the UK, previously he founded multiple startups in Afghanistan and worked with different international brands. He holds a lead digital certificate from a highly recognized online digital university called Avado Learning which is a google partner. He conducted deep research in the market about Muslim business directories and found out that a proper user-friendly platform for Muslim businesses is missing around the world.

Though there were other few Muslim business directory websites they missed the modern touch also the fact that they were not marketed properly. Since he is a digital marketing expert he decided to create this platform and challenge everyone in the marketing.

The goal of this Muslim business directory is to organize all the Muslim businesses in one platform so that the 1 billion online Muslims have the opportunity to find their halal preferred products. Since this directory was created recently, they have a plan to take this platform globally. Therefore the early adopters are going to enjoy the first adopter’s bonuses and gifts. If you are reading this article in the year 2022 it means that there is still time to get the early adopter bonuses.

2. Suitable for Muslims

Suitable for Muslims was founded in the year 2017 by a Muslim entrepreneur in the UK named Ishaaq. He had a great intention for creating this platform, in fact, he has explained the concept of Haram and Halal on his website in a very beautiful manner.

The problem is with the technology of the website, the user interface and user experience are a bit out of date and need to be updated. More than two hundred Muslim businesses have registered their business on this website.

3. Ummah Pro

Is one of the few Muslim business directory listings, their website was created in June 2021 and has registered more than 300 Muslim businesses. Though they have made lots of efforts in creating a proper business directory for Muslims, they have lacked to build a professional modern website. Again they have the same difficulty as suitable Muslims, they lack professional marketing. In terms of scoring, if we score them based on their SEO, they get 2 out of 100. Unfortunately, most tech founders nowadays don’t understand the power of marketing. They create a website but they are very hesitant in spending money on marketing it.

That’s the only reason most businesses fail, it’s because they are not ambitious with their marketing plan. People need to understand that the Marketing budget is not an expense, it’s revenue.

What are the 10 benefits of a Muslim business directory?

A Muslim business directory is a great way to connect with other Muslim businesses and entrepreneurs. It can help you find new customers and clients, and it can also help you build relationships with other Muslim businesses. There are many benefits of a Muslim business directory, and here are just a few of them:

  1. You can connect with other Muslim businesses.
  2. You can find new customers and clients.
  3. You can build relationships with other Muslim businesses.
  4. You can learn about new products and services.
  5. You can stay up-to-date on industry news.
  6. You can find resources and networking opportunities.
  7. You can promote your business to a wider audience.
  8. You can support other Muslim businesses.
  9. You can contribute to the Muslim business community.
  10. You can make a difference.

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