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Leicesterians, Did you Know?

According to Facebook native data, there is 500,000 Facebook user in Leicester!

But what does it mean for you? It means through the power of digital marketing you can reach every single one of these users and showcase your brand, services, and products to them. 

We are telling you this number only as a food for thought, its hard to get number of users from other social media platforms or internet as a whole but based on this data and the fact that the whole population of Leicester city is 561,635 people. Apart from the children, it means everybody is connected to the internet!

Digital marketing leicester agency 2022

What is Digital Marketing and why is it important for businesses in Leicester?

In simple words digital marketing is promoting your business or product in the digital world, for instance, you have a beauty shop and you are selling beauty products in a physical shop. You are smart and you notice that there are more than 5 billion people who are connected to the internet and are also shopping online.

But wait, how do we know there are 5 billion people connected to the internet? well, the answer is very simple, we check the world wide web anniversary website live statistics website to see the data. See here!

Now that you know the numbers, you know that they don’t lie. Based on the data you make decisions, that’s why it’s called data-driven decisions. The next step that you take is your head onto the world’s biggest search engine (uncle Google) and you search digital marketing agency Leicester or digital agency Leicester or even digital marketing agency in Leicester in 2022 to get updated search results and you find us.

wait, who the heck are we?

We are a group of highly talented immigrants in the UK that want to inspire people with our work.

Digital marketing is rocket science and we want to take your business to the Moon. We know deep problems in the realm of digital marketing and have the expertise to solve them. It has been 3 months that we have started our operation in the UK and our aim is to take over each and every corner of the search engines with relevant keywords to our business. It doesn’t matter what you search but as long as you search relevant keywords for our business we want to be there.

The perfect example that we can give you is our own business, be honest how did you find us? Did you search for a digital agency in Leicester, marketing agency Leicester, or digital agency Leicester in 2022? This is the power of proper search engine optimization and we want to show it to you through our own business. We can rank your website the same way, we ranked our own website!

Meet our Team


Mujib Nuristani


Monib Rahman

Head of Digital

Abdul Hadi

Account Manager

Wasi Osmani

Social Media Manager

Our Services

Content Marketing in Leicester

We believe that content is still the king and we will spend most of our time in this section before running your ads. Reach your potential customers in Leicester with the power of content marketing.


Conversion Ads

We run the best conversion ads on Google, Facebook , Linkedin, Twitter and Tiktok, with unexpected ROI's. We are one of our kind, a perfect digital agency in Leicester.


SEO services in leicester

Through the power of search engine optimization we introduce your website and rank it on top of different search engines. So that People who search your business in leicester can find you easily.


Web Analytics in Leicester

We use industry recognized tools to provide you with high quality web analytic reports so that you can take data driven decisions for the future of your business in leicester.


Doesn’t matter if you need a logo for your business or you want to hire us for the overall branding of your business in Leicester, we got it all in the house!

We have a talented graphic designer is based in Bangladesh who works with us remotely. Our aim is to hire talents from different corners of the world and give them an opportunity to work with a creative tech startup. People living in poor countries don’t have lots of work opportunities in their countries that’s why we want to hire them and be an inspiring digital marketing agency. 

Professional Copywriting in Leicester

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in leicester that can write professional blogs for your business, or do you want us to write a bog about your business and give hight authority backlinks to your website?

If the answer is yes! then you are in the right place, please see the samples of our blogs below:

in General Leicester is a beautiful city for businesses

digital marketing agency leicester 2022

Leicester is one of the best cities in the UK to have a business in, there are hundreds of reasons to tell you why?

Let us tell you the story of our founder Mujib Nuristani, who came from Afghanistan in the year 2021 and was given accommodation at a hotel in Leicester. He says when he came to the UK he had a great impression of Leicester city. Because it’s very diverse and people from different backgrounds are peacefully and respectfully living in the city and running their businesses.

He was amazed to see the number of South Asian restaurants and businesses near the city center. He wanted to create a digital marketing agency in Leicester but unfortunately, he couldn’t get housing in Leicester, but this did not stop him from creating a remote digital marketing agency for Leicesterians or digital marketing agency Leicester. He still says that Leicester is one of his favorite cities in the UK and he will go back there as soon he sorts out all his business works.

We hope this short story of our founder about his impression of Leicester and our remote digital marketing agency for the Leicesterians has inspired you in any way. We are on a mission to be the best digital marketing agency Leicester.

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We always love to hear your feedback about us, since we have newly started our business in the UK, do you think we can be the best digital marketing agency Leicester?

Share your thoughts and feedback with us by contacting us.

Are you ready to take your business from Leicester to the moon?